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The Newton Awards: A History of Genius in Science and Technology


The Newton Awards: A History of Genius in Science and Technology

Richard Spencer

By Michael H. Hart and Claire L. Parkinson

Launch Date—September 4, 2013

Michael Hart and Claire Parkinson present a series of awards to individuals who have been indispensable in the development of knowledge and its practical applications—The Newton Awards, named after the world's greatest scientist. In so doing, the authors craft a concise and lively history of science and technology since 1600, offering insights into the lives and accomplishments of the men and women who revolutionized society and human thought.


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Advanced Praise

"The Newton Awards should be widely read and liked by high school and college students wanting a taste of past great moments in science and math.”

—James D. Watson

Awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize for the co-discovery of the structure of DNA

Michael H. Hart earned a Ph.D. in astronomy from Princeton University; he also holds advanced degrees in physics and in computer science, as well as a law degree. He is best known as the author of The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, which has been translated into 15 foreign languages. He has also the author of A View from the Year 3000, and Understanding Human History.

Claire L. Parkinson received a bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College and a Ph.D. from Ohio State University. For the past 34 years, she has been a climate scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. She has written books on satellite imagery, climate change, and the history of science, including Breakthroughs: A Chronology of Great Achievements in Science and Mathematics.


Washington Summit Publishers  2013 |  524 pages

Paperback: $27.00
Hardback: $37.00
eBook: $14.00



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