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Raymond Damadian on *The Newton Awards*

Richard Spencer

“In The Newton Awards, Hart and Parkinson have achieved a global insight into the 400 years of science and technology that have revolutionized human existence.  Particularly riveting is the authors’ “List of Newton Awards” that succinctly chronicles the entirety of science and technology.  Commencing from the birth of the scientific experiment 400 years ago, together with the mathematical innovations that created the universality of those experiments, The Newton Awards achieves an appreciation of the contribution that science and technology have made to mankind’s endurance that is not available elsewhere.

The resulting 140 Newton Awards, together with their technological analysis of each breakthrough achievement and of the personal forces driving the individuals responsible for them, provide a concise yet comprehensive summation of the whole of scientific history since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Exemplary, for instance, was Hart and Parkinson’s scientific conclusion that a single invention, namely Robert Watson-Watt’s radar, was the pivotal innovation that altered the outcome of the aerial “Battle of Britain”, changed the final outcome of the Second World War and altered the course of human history.

Enabled by the “cosmic” insights of Professor Michael Hart (PhD, Astronomy, Princeton, 1972) and Claire Parkinson (research scientist, NASA, Greenbelt), The Newton Awards produce a unique understanding of the most stunning scientific and technological achievements of mankind’s history, as well as promising inspiration to the upcoming future generation of young scientists that can see firsthand the thrill of discovery the The Newton Awards make explicit.”


Inventor of the first Magnetic Resonance Scanning Machine; Recipient of the National Medal of Technology (1988)  and the Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award (2001)