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Dawkins's Demon

Richard Spencer

Tobias Langdon, writing at Kevin MacDonald's Occidental Observer:

Men and Miracles
Here are four highly important Western thinkers. Please pick the odd one out:
1. St Thomas Aquinas (theologian).
2. Charles Darwin (biologist).
3. Stephen Jay Gould (biologist).
4. Richard Dawkins (biologist).
The odd one out is of course No. 2, Charles Darwin, because he didn’t believe in miracles. By contrast, supernatural intervention in mindless nature is central to the thinking of the other three. For example, Aquinas believed that a single conception in Palestine about two thousand years ago involved a miraculous suspension of natural law. The militant atheist Richard Dawkins scornfully rejects the miracle of the Virgin Birth. So, less scornfully, did the bio-Marxist Stephen Jay Gould (1941-2002). Instead, their version of atheism mandates belief in a much bigger supernatural intervention involving billions of conceptions for thousands of years over most of the earth’s surface. By the standards of Dawkins and Gould, Christians like Aquinas are woefully lacking in metaphysical ambition.
This is because Dawkins, Gould and other liberal atheists believe in the Miracle of Human Equality: namely, that all human groups, despite their superficial physical differences, are equal in average cognitive ability – equal, in fact, on all psychological variables. In short, there is only one brain: the Human Brain. And all groups have an equal share in it. Okay, the actual physical brain of different groups varies in size and structure, but that doesn’t make any difference to brain function. Metaphysics trumps mere matter, for heaven’s sake. Or rather: not for heaven’s sake. Liberal atheists don’t believe in heaven, but they do believe that Black women are capable of the same high intellectual achievement as Chinese men. It’s true that no Black woman has ever won a Nobel Prize for Physics or made fundamental contributions to mathematics, but that’s because racism and sexism have held the soul-sisters back. How do we know that? Because the undoubted genetic differences between those two groups have no effect on the brain. That is the central dogma of Neuro-Miraculism, the super-scientific creed of liberal atheists like Richard Dawkins and Stephen Jay Gould.
Tiny means Titanic
I call it “Miraculism” because there is no way to account for human equality within standard evolutionary biology. First, consider the fact that human beings and chimpanzees have a common ancestor. Once, the two species were the same; then, slowly, we began to diverge. The cognitive and psychological differences between us widened gradually to a chasm, but those differences are based on very small genetic changes. Human and chimp DNA is almost identical, but that doesn’t mean chimps are almost as intelligent as humans or use language almost as well. They don’t use language at all and they are much less capable of understanding and controlling their environment than even the most primitive human beings. Tiny changes in genes have had titanic effects on brains.
However, brain evolution in Homo sapiens took a very unusual course after it had created those huge differences between humans and chimps. Uniquely in the animal kingdom, the two sexes of humans have evolved to become psychologically equal, despite experiencing quite different evolutionary pressures even in the same environment. This equality cannot be explained within standard biology: it has to be described as supernatural. Next, human brain evolution as a whole either stopped in Africa many millennia ago or carried on in an identical way when humans migrated from Africa to quite different environments in Europe, Asia, America and Australasia.
One Race, One Brain, One Humanity
Again, this equality can only be described as supernatural: there is no way to account for it within standard evolutionary biology. Thousands of genes influence the brain in one way or another and these genes exist at different frequencies and in different forms in different populations. But the average effect of these constantly varying genes has remained the same for millennia – according to Neuro-Miraculism. For example, there are clear and easily distinguishable genetic differences between, say, pygmies in the jungles of Africa, aborigines in the deserts of Australia and Inuit in the ice and snow of Greenland. Neuro-miraculists like Dawkins and Gould accept that these genetic differences result partly from natural selection: these three groups have adapted physically to their quite different physical environments. And of course, there may be other reasons for genetic differences between groups, such as genetic driftfounder effects and so on.
But none of these genetic changes has influenced the brain. Pygmies, aborigines and Inuit are all part of one race, the human race, and have equal shares in one brain, the human brain. This is true of all other human groups, no matter how widely separated in space and environment. Cognitively, We Are One Under The Skin. For thousands of years over most of the earth’s surface, countless human genes have mutated, split and re-combined in just such a way as to leave their average effect on the brain unaltered. Either the average effect has remained the same since Homo sapiens evolved in Africa or it has changed in precisely the same way in Greenland and Gabon as in Tonga and Thailand.

Read the full thing here.